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Research and development is the process by which Zinc Egypt work to obtain new knowlodge that It might be used to create new products ,systems and services that it ill be sold or used , the goal most oftenis to add to Zinc Egypt‘s bottom line .

Reasearch and Development

Improve Product Quality:

continuously improve the quality of our products to better respond to our existing and potential clients’ demands.

Maximize Productivity:

enhance the productivity and output of our processes.

Develop new applications and products:

respond to and anticipate the marketplace’s needs by developing new products for markets we currently operate in, or developing new applications for products we already produce.

Develop competences and networks:

monitor new developments in biotechnology and engineering, and provide our staff with effective ongoing education, ultimately promoting successful transfers of technology.


We have delicate staff of scientist and professional workers with precise goals which are to reach the global standards with a better difference.

Quality Control and Assurance

Quality Control and Assurance


We focus on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled . the confidence provided by quality  control department is two fold : internally to management and externally to customer ,government agencies ,regulators ,certifiers & third parties .

Process in tools :

  • Inspection : is the process of measuring ,examining & testing to gangue one or more characteristics of product or service & the comparison of them with specified requirements to determine conformity  . Product ,process and various other results can be inspected to make sure that the object coming of production line or the service being provided is correct and meets same specifications

  •  Auditing : is the part   of quality assurance function that ensure quality due to its usage to compare actual conditions with requirements  guideline and to report those results to management .

Sales Department

Sales Department

We have different prices according to  

  • Grade of purity of product

  • Method of payment 

  • Cash

These two will increase IP SCORE which will increase your chance in great discounts  

IP SCORE will be activated after 9 months of continues and constant deals with your company


Zinc Egypt is a pioneer to link between quality control expert  and sales agent in a vision to let our customer more confident when dealing with Zinc Egypt sales agent as he is a person of knowledge who can interact with any situation and make our customer specific needs of special products according to his production lines affordable and satisfy his needs .

Also we have IP SCORE which is investment purchasing score with higher grades our customer will take special discounts

How to make your company  IP SCORE increase ?

  • First you should buy in constant interval of times & and with constant amounts

  • Second paying in cash

Price is determined according to London stock exchange  .

Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department


Zinc Egypt is Egyptian’s second largest consumer of primary zinc and also consumes primary zinc in Africa.

We buy primarily SHG zinc but also extra pure SHG, so-called Super SHG, for battery applications.

Next to that, we are one of the biggest recycler and consumer of residues from the galvanizing industry.

Some 40% of the zinc units processed by Zinc Egypt come from secondary sources, Zinc Egypt thereby aims to reduce energy and primary raw materials requirements and this, without jeopardizing the high quality standards of our products.

Zinc Egypt is constantly in the market for the purchase of a range of suitable secondary raw materials to be used in one or the other of its plants located in Eijsden (NL), Zolder (B), Larvik(NO), and Pasir Gudang (MAL)

Bottom Drosses

Min 94 % Zn

Ingots or big blocks of max 1,5T (MAL) – 2,5T (NO)

In bulk or on pallets

Crude Skimmings

(Crude Ashes)

Zn total : +/- 80 %
Zn metal : +/- 50 %

In bulk or in drums or big bags

Crushed Skimmings

(Treated Ashes)

Zn : +/- 70 %

In bulk or in drums or big bags

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