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Sales Department

We have different prices according to  

  • Grade of purity of product

  • Method of payment 

  • Cash

  • Credit in 

    • 15 Days

    • 30 Days

    • 45 Days

    • 60 Days

These two will increase IP SCORE which will increase your chance in great discounts  

IP SCORE will be activated after 9 months of continues and constant deals with your company


Zinc Egypt is a pioneer to link between quality control expert  and sales agent in a vision to let our customer more confident when dealing with Zinc Egypt sales agent as he is a person of knowledge who can interact with any situation and make our customer specific needs of special products according to his production lines affordable and satisfy his needs .

Also we have IP SCORE which is investment purchasing score with higher grades our customer will take special discounts

How to make your company  IP SCORE increase ?

  • First you should buy in constant interval of times & and with constant amounts

  • Second paying in cash

Price is determined according to London stock exchange  .

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